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Poorkan, a small village at the foot of  the Alborz mountains, situated about 40 km north-west of Tehran.

The river Karaj with its stunning beauty runs  by the village and its wonderful position makes Poorkan to a magnificent place.

In seventies and early eighties, Poorkan with its great diversity, was a place where both youth and adults  gathered, had fun,  and met people with the same interest. Poorkan was a great place to be away for a day or two from the hardness of  big cities.

For the people of Tehran and Karaj, Poorkan was a wonderful picnic resort less than  an hour away. People who have been to Poorkan and enjoyed its so-called "Picnic Gardens" always remember this wonderful village and the very kind people who live there.

I spent a lot of my spare time in Poorkan while I lived in Iran. To me Poorkan was an oasis just outside the town.

Therefore I wish to send Poorkan and the wonderful people who live there a loving thought by calling my web site "Atelier Poorkan".